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Scientific LargeScale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies – Preparatory Phase



ESFRI Landscape Analysis Questionnaire

ESFRI Landscape Analysis Questionnaire Since 2016 ESFRI has introduced in its Roadmaps Landscape Analysis (LA). It provides an overview of the European RI ecosystem by identifying the main RIs operating transnational access…

SLICES-RI jointly with PAWR organised TASIR workshop

SLICES-RI jointly with PAWR organised TASIR workshop SLICES-RI jointly with PAWR organised TASIR workshop during the COMSNETS 2023 conference, a workshop on Testbeds for Advanced Systems Implementation and Research. The workshop is organised by…

Experiences deploying Aether framework – SLICES

Experiences deploying Aether framework – SLICES Serge Fdida and Theodoros Tsourdinis from Ssorbonnee University they discuss their experience deploying and using Aether for SLICES, a joint investment project between the European commission and…


🎉 Exciting news! Our @SlicesRi member, Prof. Ari Pouttu, @6Gflagship Vice Director, has been elected as chairman of the @NetworldEurope Expert Advisory Group! 🙌

🔗Read more:

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The O-RAN ALLIANCE Next Generation Research Group is hosting a virtual event with @thenetworkingc1 and @SlicesRi on April 15th to learn about advancements in Open RAN technologies. 👨‍💼

Register now at

#h2020 #event

🚀Join us at the @SlicesRi Flanders #workshop for Scientific Largescale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies! 🔬
📅1st part (virtual) on April 6th, 2nd part (hands-on training) at @ugent on April 7th.

📝Register now at

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