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Scientific Large Scale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies – Preparatory Phase

Slices-PP objectives

Objective 1: Establish the legal entity of SLICES-RI, and the associated legal and governance frameworks for the future implementation of SLICES-RI 

Expected results:

Successful establishment of the “signature-ready” legal entity documents; formalised definition of the governance bodies and procedures

Objective 2: Define a comprehensive and sustainable financial framework of SLICES-RI that covers all sources of costs and funding, including the design of a sustainable, long-term business model, that will make it possible to ensure the financing and to launch the investments at the end of the project.

Expected results:

Complete business plan defined; SLICES-RI included in the MS national roadmaps; funding for the implementation phase secured at the national levels.

Objective 3: Define the long-term scientific roadmap and the technical design of SLICES-RI to ensure that this RI will be able to address the current and future scientific challenges in the domain of Digital Sciences

Expected results:

Final technical architecture specified; long-term vision and research priorities identified.

Objective 4: Define a comprehensive operational plan and the procedures for implementation and operation   

Expected results:

Final plan for implementation defined; Access policies tailored to user classes defined; data management plan for operations defined; risk management plan defined; Implementation plan for the Central Hub and the national nodes defined; Data Management Plan defined and updated to reflect SLICES-RI development.

Objective 5: Define a user engagement strategy and connect the user stakeholders with the RI   

Expected results:

At least 2 workshop/events per identified user community organised; requirements for the user access, management and support specified for the technical design.

Objective 6: Define measures to maximise the impact of SLICES-RI   

Expected results:

Impact maximisation strategy for the RI operation defined; Relevant social and industrial stakeholders identified.

Objective 7: Contribute to the ERA, liaising with relevant RIs and communicate effectively

Expected results:

Detailed implementation plan for EOSC interoperability defined; contribution to define a joint strategy across ESFRI RIs, with the main focus on DIGIT; at least 1 joint initiative organised with key peer initiatives at the international level.