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Scientific Large Scale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies – Preparatory Phase


- WP1 - Governance and legal framework

D1.1 - MoU: SLICES-RI Interim Governance

D1.2 - Documents for the implementation of the legal structure

- WP2 - Financial Framework

D2.1 - Financial framework defined and secured through the SLICES

D2.2 - Business plan

- WP3 - Scientific and technical strategy and specifications

D3.1 - SLICES-RI final technical design

D3.2 - SLICES-RI long term vision

- WP4 - Impact and relevance for science and society

D4.1 - SLICES-RI Impact strategy and actions at SLICES-PP mid-term

D4.2 - SLICES-RI Impact strategy and actions at SLICES-PP final

- WP5 - User needs, services, access and training strategy

D5.1 - Intermediate report on user needs, SLICES services catalogue, access policies and training strategy

D5.2 - Final report on user needs, SLICES service catalog, access policies and training strategy

- WP6 - Operational framework

D6.1 - Plans for logistics and human resources, including policies

D6.2 - Master plan for implementation and operation

- WP7 - Data management and ethics requirements

D7.1 - Data Management Plan

D7.2 - SLICES Interoperability Framework and Integration with EOSC

D7.3 - Data Management Plan (Final)

D7.4 - Ethics advisor requirements reports

- WP8 - Communication, dissemination and exploitation

D8.1 - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

D8.2 - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Report

- WP9 - Project Management

D9.1 - Project Quality plan and detailed work plan

- WP10 - Ethics requirements

D10.1 - Ethics advisor appointed

D10.2 - Ethics advisor report 1

D10.3 - Ethics advisor report 2