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Scientific Large Scale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies – Preparatory Phase

SLICES-SC 2nd Summer School: Efficient wireless communication and computing experimental research in 6G-era


The three-day SLICES Summer School in Oulu, Finland will introduce and familiarize its participants with the pan-European Scientific Large Scale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies Research Infrastructure (SLICES-RI), the unique experimental research capabilities it offers and foster the skills and knowledge for conducting experiment-based research. Aside from getting an overview of the various communication and computing SLICES-RI, the students will get a unique opportunity to experiment with some of these infrastructures remotely from their own laptops. The participants will get information about the best practices of experiment planning and data handling, and the novel, ground breaking concepts paving the way beyond 5G towards the 6G communication and computing ecosystem.

A key objective of the school is to introduce audience to the SLICES-RI and all possibilities it offers to the research community and third parties. Architectures and concepts will be shown to be used by researchers to develop new business concepts and innovations for beyond 5G and 6G networks, technologies, and solutions. The data management and GDPR compliancy of the research together with novel business concepts and ecosystems are in the focus of the school as well.

Lecturers are from key players in the experimental wireless research community: University of Oulu, Sorbonne Université, UGENT, IMDEA and INRIA to name some of them.